The “together” thing? We’ve all been doing that for months. Now it’s time to really reconnect: we’ve got tips and inspiration for activities and games you can learn and enjoy and share – as a family.

Back-to-basics ideas for playing together.


Call it make-believe, role-play, or imagining: this kind of open-ended play nurtures creativity, builds empathy, and sparks exciting goals and dreams. The only greater gift is when you join in to play along.

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Make a connection “playing Barbies”

Though the clothes are probably WAY better, the role-playing kids do with dolls helps them process and prepare for real-world situations. Joining in their imagined scenarios can be an illuminating together-time activity.

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“Bake”-believe with Play-Doh Pretend Chef

Kids LOVE to roll, squish, squeeze, and mould fun faux foods. Add extra realism to their pretend restaurant: download a fun, printable pizza box and menu!

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Hot Wheels is child-driven play

You never know where the action will take you when the cars come out. Kids can travel the city, the country and the world in their imaginations and create amazing track set-ups, too. Check out the video below for inspiration!

Need inspiration?
Check out these awesome at-home ultimate track setups!

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Blow off some steam with Nerf

Choreograph action-movie scenes, set up a target gallery, or just go nuts with a family game of tag! Slick, safe, foam-dart blasters make great active-play gear for kids and grownups alike.

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Turn pages, discover new worlds

Stock up your family library with fact and fiction, art and inspiration. Time spent reading, imagining and creating together is always time well spent.

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I Promise

Make Believe Ideas - A School of Fish

Tips & Tricks

Real talk: kids can do ALL the pretending on their own. But being their partner in play from time to time can help them explore their creativity and develop problem-solving skills. It’s also a wonderful way for you to connect with and learn about your child in a no-pressure setting. And most importantly, it can be really FUN.

Let kids take charge. They’ll launch into their preferred kind of world-building and create their own rules, which is SO empowering and engaging!

Then ASK to join in. Most times, kids will be delighted that you want to play with them, and they value the power to grant someone (especially a grownup) entry to their world. They know it takes courage to ask and feels so good to be welcomed. BUT: if they want to play by themselves or “kids-only,” be gracious.

Just go with it! Embrace the improv-comedy idea of “Yes, and…” – that means agreeing to suggestions and adding on if it makes sense. Unless a situation is physically unsafe or would result in hurt feelings, go along and enjoy the crazy results!

Take more cues than you give. Again, kids should be in control. But if they seem stuck, you can nudge them in a surprising direction, introduce a problem to solve, or a twist to the plot. Then let them step up and direct what happens next!

Add details rather than asking for them. As a grownup, you have life experience that can enhance role-play: modeling how to use tools, helping with costumes, etc. But asking too many questions, even to spark new ideas, can put kids on the spot to supply details they haven’t thought about, derailing the story.

Expand imaginary worlds with reading and writing. Glom on to the interests kids show in their pretend play. Find books and online resources about cooking, car racing, or camping; have them write recipe cards or menus, log race results, and make equipment lists. Again: follow kids’ lead: they’ll let you know what’s a passing fancy and what’s a budding interest.