Other registry topics

Other Registry Topics

What Do I Do If I Forget My Password?

If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, you can obtain another copy using our "Forgot Password" feature or contact us.

How Long will my Registry Remain Active?

Your Baby Registry will remain active for 12 months from the expected arrival date you provide on your registration form. If you are interested in creating a toy Wish List for your child, family or friends, for events like their first holiday or birthdays, we encourage you to explore our Wish List feature.

What is an Alternate Name?

An alternate name can be a nickname, e.g. Liz if the registrant's name is Elizabeth. In some instances a registrant may choose to use her maiden name as her primary "Registrant Name" and her alternate name may be her married name. This field is optional. You can use it if you think the additional information will make your registry easier to locate for gift givers.

How do I delete my Baby Registry?

If you need to delete an entire Baby Registry, please contact us.

Issue with my Registry

Items that are part of an assortment may display in the incorrect color on your Baby Registry.

It is possible that an item that it available online, suddenly appear in the In-Store only section, if it will not be available for some time online. We would recommend you remove it and re-add it via our website and this should correct the problem.

Items available in-store only may not have price or picture showing.

Searching by co-registrant is currently only available in our Stores.

If you keep getting an error message saying that our registry site is down when creating a Baby Registry, you are most likely using special character in your contact information. Please ensure you do not use accent or special character in any fields.

If you made an error regarding the first child question, you will not be able to make the correction at a later time.