And by “GO,” of course, we mean “STAY.” We’ve got loads of ideas for making this year’s at-home holiday break interesting, inspiring, and super-fun!

"GO" to an Art Gallery!

Introducing kids to fine art is culturally enriching and literally awe-inspiring!

Idea time!
Create a kids’ gallery wall

Commission kids to create artwork to frame and hang in a place of honour. (Maybe even have an grand opening party with fancy snacks and invite friends on FaceTime!)

Explore art from home

Museums and galleries around the world have created amazing virtual tours, exhibits and family programming: check it out!

National Gallery of Ontario
Search the collection to explore artworks by era, medium or artist!

Vancouver Art Gallery
Try 14 fun, family “Art at Home” activities & share your amazing results!

Art Gallery of Alberta
Join weekly online “Tours for Tots” art experiences for kids aged 3–5.

A wealth of live virtual programs, audio guides & downloadable activities.

The Louvre, Paris
Enjoy tours, YouTubers’ visits, even a virtual-reality Mona Lisa experience!

Van Gogh Museum
Try tutorials, interactive lessons, apps, YouTube story adventures & more.

Make art at home

Projects can be as simple or sophisticated as kids want – and the whole family can create masterpieces of their own to share.

Set up a very versatile stand-up creation station!

Drawing & Colouring
Stock up your family art cupboard with fresh supplies.

Have some classic rolling, squishing, squashing creative fun.

Explore new artistic media and create super-satisfying projects.

"GO" to the Science Centre

Until we can all go touch Van De Graaff generators or hold live reptiles in person again, there are LOTS of ways to have science fun at home.

Idea time!
Have a family science fair

Let each person choose an experiment to do solo, or as a group! Have a Q&A session to discuss what worked (or didn’t!) and why. Award fun project prizes like “Messiest,” or “Most Suspenseful” with a little treat.

Explore science at home!

Take a mind-trip together, with terrific online tours and activities from some of smartest cookies in Canada and around the world.

Ontario Science Centre
Find DIY experiments, Facebook Live events, space exploration stuff & more!

NASA at Home
No big deal: just virtual tours of MARS AND THE MOON, among other awesomeness.

National Geographic
Take a 360-degree, multisensory tour of the largest cave in the world!

Roberson Museum and Science Centre
Explore the night sky with a “Planetarium From Home” experience.

Montreal Science Centre
Embark on a family photo safari to reveal science & tech all around us!

Telus Spark Science Centre
Watch explosive experiments, discover “Cereal Science” & more.

Create an at-home science lab!

Nurture kids’ natural curiosity (and rediscover your own!) with fascinating learning toys, kits and tools to further your family’s explorations.

Science Kits
Try exciting, hands-on experiments in chemistry, physics, robotics & more.

Reveal the wonders of the night sky to your family of amateur astronomers.

Explore the big world’s teeny-tiny parts with great gear for budding scientists.

All science
Spark kids’ interest in electronics, coding, zoology & more.

"GO" to the Movies!

It’s not the size of the screen, it’s the experience that matters! Rustle up your favourite snacks and give everyone a chance to choose something for your family film festival.

Idea time!
Get in character for movie night

Step up your cosplay game! Dressing up for a witches-and-wizard movie marathon or sci-fi binge-watch is the stuff family memories are made of.

Deep-dive into your favourite movies

Kids LOVE to recreate epic film scenes and expand those imaginary worlds with adventures all their own. Find terrific toys and play sets from YOUR family’s fandom!

Disney Raya and the Last Dragon
Lose yourselves in the fantastical world of Kumandra.

Star Wars
Feel the Force of a fandom that spans generations.

Enter an epic universe of superheroes and supervillains.

Welcome to a multiverse where justice and evil…disagree.

Disney Frozen
Escape to Arendelle with Anna, Elsa & Olaf.

Harry Potter
Fall under the spell of this saga of witchcraft and wizardry.

You know the drill: they’re robots in disguise!

Toy Story
We’ve loved them from the 1995 original to the Forky years.

Did you know?

You can get real-deal movie-theatre popcorn and snacks AT HOME with curbside pick-up or delivery to your door in select Cineplex locations.

Have a virtual movie night with folks far and wide!

Try out the cool Teleparty app and have a chill, chatty watch-along party with friends and family outside your bubble.

"GO" to a Museum

The world’s cultures, creatures, and natural history are all worth exploring – and some of the best-known museums are helping families get a head-start at home!

Idea time!
Learn to draw a T. rex

We think the folks at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History are pretty reliable authorities on dinosaurs….

Idea Time!
Make an origami T. rex

Okay, this one is so cute we can hardly stand it. Make a whole herd to decorate, then go to town on TikTok: the fans demand it!

Tour a museum from home

It’s an opportunity for your family to visit some of the world’s most prestigious collections in your jammies. Comfort and culture: together at last!

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
Bookmark it to visit again & again: there’s a virtual version of EVERY exhibition!

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture:
Discover engaging resources including interactive books for kids aged 3–5.

The Vatican Museum
Marvel at 360-degree views of the Sistine Chapel & eight other magnificent rooms.

The British Museum
Meander through time with virtual visits to the eras that interest your family!

Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cam
Become mesmerized by live-cam streams of jellies, otters, penguins, sharks & more.

Roald Dahl Children’s Museum
Peek at whoppsy-wiffling treasures, make a Wonka factory machine & dream up stories!

Have a natural history adventure at home!

Dinosaurs are definitely one of the BIGGEST museum attractions for kids. Lean into that fascination with cool paleontology-themed toys and activities.

Dig Kits
Amateur archaeologists will love these rewarding, hands-on excavation activities.

Animal Planet
Check out amazing R/C critters, detailed dino and animal figures, play sets & more.

LEGO Ideas Dinosaur Fossils
For serious builders: detailed skeleton models of T. rex, Triceratops & Pteranadon!

Fisher-Price Dinosaur Discovery
Precious: a pretend paleontology play set for preschoolers.

"GO" to a Game

Fill that sports-shaped hole in your family’s hearts with some big-league thrills of your own this spring. Endorphins and exercise for everyone!

NBA Skills & Drills

Check out short instructional videos on basketball fundamentals from stars and coaches.

How to dribble

How to choose a make

How to choose a size




NBA Activity Pages

Download and print cool puzzles, colouring pages and other fun activities to keep little fans busy between game days.

NBA Driveway Games

Download printable instruction sheets for fun, skill-building activities that require only a basketball, a hoop, and players willing to learn!

Get your game on at home!

Convene a family league for your favourite sports with exciting gear and games that’ll introduce and hone skills – and make fond memories, too.

For families that eat, sleep and breathe hockey.

Slam-dunk gifts for the fans the on your roster.

Table Games
Foosball, air hockey & other rec-room legends.

All games
Athletic or not so much, teams or solo: let’s play!

"GO" to the Playground

Get your bubble-mates outdoors to play! At the local park or in your own backyard, it’s easy to find fresh-air family fun close to home.

Choosing the right bike!

Get expert advice on selecting the perfect bike for every rider in your family: from absolute beginners on up.

Fitting your helmet and bike

Learn how to assess and adjust your family’s bikes and helmets to ensure they’re riding safely and comfortably.

Fitting your helmet

How to measure a bike

Choosing the right scooter

Find tips on buying the perfect three- or two-wheeled rides, from convertible models for preschoolers to kick and trick scooters.

Create an at-home playground!

A little indoors, a lot outdoors and always with safety in mind, this selection of toys, games and gear will make your place THE destination for family fun.

Trampolines & Bouncers
Just what kids need to jump those sillies out.

Sturdy indoor/outdoor furniture & gear to expand the fun footprint.

Explore together – in the neighbourhood & beyond – all on two wheels.

Scooters & Skateboards
Check out cool rides to get your family from A to B in style.