A baby monitor is your best friend for keeping tabs on your little sleeping beauty while you get stuff done around the house. But like all safe baby products, baby monitors come with their own set of dos & don’ts. Here are a few of the most important ones. 

It’s a monitor, not a babysitter.

Monitors are meant to keep you mindful of your baby while they’re sleeping. They’re not meant to justify leaving your child alone while he or she is at play. Supervision is essential anytime your little ones are active.

It’s also not a toy.

Babies are great at destroying things. Keep your monitor and power adapter cord out of their reach—not only for their safety, but also for the safety of the monitor.

Watch for water.

As with any electrical gadget, a baby monitor can be a shock hazard if it comes into contact with water. So keep it away from the sink, bathtub, or any other splash area around the house. Never place your monitor within 5 feet from water.

Read the manual.

It may seem straightforward enough, but every baby monitor is different. Always make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on placement and usage.

Keep it cool.

A hot monitor can become a dangerous one, or at the very least a malfunctioning one. Make sure there is proper ventilation and do not place on soft bedding. Keep yours out of direct sunlight or any other concentrated heat source.

Be gentle.

The more carefully you handle your baby monitor, the longer it will last. Treat it well and find something else to play catch with.

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