We’re sharing a few of our secrets to turning any journey into a joyride.

There’s more to a good stroll than just a good stroller, like stroller toys and accessories.

Stroller-friendly toys can easily clip or even wrap around your stroller bar for play on the go. The brilliant colours, contrasting patterns and multiple textures will have your baby grabbing and exploring again and again.

Since the weather in Canada can be unpredictable, a cuddle bag is a great idea to ensure your little one stays comfy while out and about. Fitting right over the front of your stroller with an easy-to-use zip - it’s a real bundle of joy.

The truth about snacks: they can avert a meltdown almost instantly. Snack pods ensure that juice, crackers, etc., are all within reach, while the spill-resistant design keeps crumbs off the seat. And the quick-attach clamp fits most stroller frames and car seats in seconds.

And while many strollers offer impressive storage, they can only carry so much. That’s where the Handy Hook comes in: lightweight and versatile, it fits virtually all stroller handles. Just snap it on your shopping cart to hold everything from diaper bags to grocery bags.

Just the right mix of playful and practical: car seat toys and accessories.

Most of the fun, developmental toys you can use with strollers, you can also use with car seats.

Spills and crumbs are par for the course with little ones, which is where a car seat protector makes all the difference… they can sip and nibble and your car’s upholstery is protected.

And keeping an eye on baby while your eyes are safely on the road is made simpler (and safer) with a wide-angled, shatter-resistant rear view mirror. Providing a secure fit to your vehicle’s seat, you can angle the mirror to catch every smile.

Take a ride with comfort, confidence… and a lot of fun.

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