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Top Toy Trends For Holiday 2017

Captivate kids with toys that have interactive, life-like features and encourage them to consider the needs of others. From Baby Annabell, to You & Me Baby So Sweet, to Baby Alive Sweet Tears, Journey Girls Holiday Dolls and more, the benefits of doll-play extend to all genders and bring empathy to playtime. Caring plays are where play imitates life.
Help children understand the world and develop the kind of skills that are changing it, with LEGO BOOST, Snap Circuits Project Lab, EduScience Lab, Kitchen Science, Smithsonian Robo Spider Science and more! Educational playthings that stretch kids brains and quench curiousity, STEM plays are loved by children of all ages and turn learning into something fun!
Bring home blockbuster toys and watch children make-believe and recreate play scenes from their favourite movies! Characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Transformers, Cars 3, Justice League, Marvel and more, make crazy crowd-pleasers! Movie plays take stars from their eyes and place them in their hands.
Forget mind-numbing afternoons cutting out quilting hexagons, crafting has gotten a bunch more exciting since you were a kid! Now you can do-it-yourself with Smooshins, the Totally Me Paint Your Own Place Setting, the Cool Maker Styling Head, Unicone Rainbow Swirl Maker and more! Yep, DIY plays transform grossly boring days into engrossing plays.
Before children start impersonating dinosaurs and roaming school playgrounds wild, their minds are captivated by slightly ‘cuter’ characters. Shop a toddler’s favourite on-screen friends, like Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Rusty Rivets, PJ Masks and more! Preschool plays are just as adorable as the little ones who love them.
Here we have the fun of flight without the hassle of lost baggage and the rush of being behind the wheel without parking tickets and car insurance! Toys that accelerate the imagination and make minds fly high, like Hot Wheels AI, Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage, Sky Viper, the Fast Lane Construction Playset and more. Travel toys designed to bring kids high-octane happiness!
For the love of tech, we are your destination for other-worldly play. Hugely popular play stuff like the Fuji Instax Mini, KARAOKE, VR Goggles and more. Think little headsets and big interactive experiences kids will love! Virtual plays let kids travel without leaving the house and gives way to unforgettable, immersive playtime.
The impulse to collect stuff is not lost in childhood, but it is where it all begins! The good news? They say a healthy collection is healthy for kids, inspiring creativity and organizational thinking. Encourage your little collector with popular toys like LOL Tot Balls, CollEGGtibles, Little Green Men, LEGO Friends, Grossery Gang and more. Collectible plays are where play becomes a passion!
Pet tech plays make caring for a new friend even more magical, with toys pulled straight from the imagination! Creatures like Hatchimals Surprise, Fur Real Roarin Tyler, Fingerlings Monkey, Zoomer Unicorn and more. Kids will love watching these creatures come to life, training them and interacting with them. Pet tech plays are playthings that play back.
Gaming and game-based learning is a trend that will never be ‘game over’. From gaming nostalgia that parents can get in on like Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey; combat-based games like Recoil; cool consoles like Nintendo Switch; and games like Drop Mix that turn kids into music producers, gamer plays bring fun for days!
If you have a toddler with taste, a super-classy kid, or just want to live vicariously through your all-wheel driving offspring, we have wheels for that! Wheels like the Mercedes Battery Operated Car, Luke’s Land Speeder, 6V Mini Cooper and more, will give your little ones licence to play-it-large! Luxury plays create fun for the whole family.

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