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The possibilities are endless with a great building set. Have the kids build their dream city equipped with home, Grandma’s house and more! Pre-designed building sets are always tons of fun since they allow for your little ones to concentrate on following instructions for the perfect final product.



Help their creativity shine through a gloomy day by expressing themselves through arts and crafts. Painting, baking and jewelry design are among some of the most relaxing activities for a quieter day. Who knows? Your child could be the next Picasso, Van Gough or Martha Stewart.


Get them off the couch and get their role play on! Have everyone dress up as their favourite onscreen characters and act out popular movie scenes at home. They’ll get a kick out of performing their own action sequences, musical numbers and dance shows. For a quieter activity, have them pretend with action figures, dolls and playsets.



Gather your family around the kitchen table for a little friendly competition with some cool board games and card sets. From kids young to old, there are plenty of fun options for everyone. For the more electronically inclined families, schedule a family video game tournament. Losing team cooks dinner!


Bring the outdoors inside by building a fort and telling stories while indulging in your favorite pretend picnic goodies. There is plenty to explore with a little imagination and the right outdoor gear. Be sure to pack plenty of blankets and pillows to make your hideaway as comfy as possible.



Get a jump start on student success with some curriculum focused learning toys. Rather than playing teacher, have your child perform experiments themselves, read a book aloud, or build something cool. They’ll feel like a professional scientist, writer or engineer in no time.