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LEGO SUPER HEROES Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057 - LEGO - Toys"R"Us
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  • LEGO SUPER HEROES Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057 - LEGO - Toys"R"Us
  • LEGO SUPER HEROES Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057 - LEGO - Toys"R"Us

LEGO SUPER HEROES Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057


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    Role-play battle scenes with the web warriors protecting Aunt May from Green Goblin, who has a flaming pumpkin bomb and a Goblin Glider with stud shooters, along with Kraven the Hunter and Scorpion. Press the bridge's flag to launch a net to trap the villains, or launch a Super Hero from the side of the bridge and swing into action. Create wall explosion effects in this action-packed set, which also features a trap door, catapult, Spider-Man's web prison and Kraven the Hunter's secret lair. Includes 7 minifigures.

      LEGO SUPER HEROES Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057 features:
    • Features a bridge section, Goblin Glider, taxi and a police ATV.
    • Bridge features a movable roadway and detachable suspension cables, catapult function to fire the trash can, trap door, Spider-Man's web prison, Kraven the Hunter's secret lair with translucent diamond elements, traffic lights to stop the traffic and explode the pillars of the bridge, and movable signposts for the Green Goblin's Goblin Glider to smash through.
    • Goblin Glider features movable wings and 2 stud shooters.
    • Accessory elements include 2 web blasts, 2 web ropes, web net, Green Goblin's flaming pumpkin bomb, 3 translucent diamond elements, 2 translucent fire elements and Peter Parker's camera.
    • Bridge measures over 12" (33cm) high, 5" (13cm) wide and 17" (44cm) deep.

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    LEGO SUPER HEROES Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge 76057 is rated 4.9 out of 5 by 32.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love it. Great build, modular, good figs I have purchased four of these for my city just to have a bridge in the background of my city. I'm pretty happy to have these all connected. Even one bridge is great for display and offers plenty of play options. The only bad thing really is that the bridge is fairly narrow so you can't accurately represent traffic. I may go ahead and expand the whole thing by 4-6 tiles to open up more play options and photo opportunities. But, as is, its fine and perfect for mini figure battles. You don't need more than a few vehicles on the bridge anyway to make it feel like its being used and viable.
    Date published: 2016-10-03
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Yay! I'm a superhero fan, so this set was a must. It was a fun build, and the kids are constantly playing with it. The minifigs are great. I couldn't resist the villains, particularly the Scorpion. The only negative is that his tail is a little flimsy and can fall off easily. An Aunt May fig finally lets everyone role play all of the Aunt-May-on-a-blind-date scenarios we've been dreaming about over the years, Win! The only down side is that now I need to buy a Doc Ock set. The end of the bridge is fairly fragile, though it seems intentional. The detail in the feet of the bridge was a nice touch.
    Date published: 2017-03-05
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Useful and fun This set has many play features and great mini figures but the reason I bought it was to add a bridge to the background of my city. It is the perfect width for a single train line and the blue cargo train fits under it without modification. The white high speed train requires the arch to be raised by one brick. The bridge's height is 10 bricks which is the same as the black pillar brick and perfect for an elevated train. I have my train tracks elevated above the road with the bridge set behind the modulars. I am very happy with it and might buy two more.
    Date published: 2017-04-25
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Ultimate Spidey Battle Me and my brother bought this for our birthday and the set looked HUGE!! The price was reasonable with the 7 characters and the bridge plus the accessories that come with it.My brother also bought the Doc Ocks tentacle trap, but as soon as I built it, I was amazed by the characters. Everyone was impressing and there is a lot of playability with this set. The ONLY thing I am kind of disappointed about is the lack of "bystanders" aka Aunt May. I would like a police officer to go with the 4 by 4. But I used a police officer from another LEGO set, plus another bystanders and I made a stop motion movie out of it! The characters: First, Spider-Man. His design was great and I love the webs that come with it. He was designed really great for him. Green Goblin: He has 2 faces, and I love the headpiece and his infamous hover board. I like the flaming pumpkin and the bag over his shoulder. Scarlet Spider: His head is awesome, along with spider girl. I like his hood and his printed sweatshirt, it really goes along with he teenage look of Peter Parker's clone. Scorpion: I like how he was made, with the stinger included and green all over his body. I don't like the feared look in his face, but I'm not complaining. Spider Girl: I like the hair, but it is hard to move the arms above her head. I like the uniqueness of her body. Kraven the Hunter: I like his overall printing of the body. If you didn't know who he is, you could look at his shirt and immediately know he is a hunter. I like the fur around his neck and the hair. It really goes along with him. Aunt May: She is a great bystander character, especially when she is Spider-Man's aunt. I am disappointed that she is the only one who is not battling, but he rest of the bridge and etc. is great! Overall this set was awesome and a great set to make Lego superhero battles and stop motion, as I said earlier. I would give this set 5 stars for price and playability. I say congrats to Lego for making a beautiful set!
    Date published: 2016-12-19
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great set the mid air web pieces are great and don't get me started on the figs
    Date published: 2016-08-06
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from This is a very cool set but MSRP too high I bought this set from a brick and mortar retailer. I was able to get it for 20% off MSRP. For that price this set is great. The figures speak for themselves and are definitely the highlight of the set . I could do without Aunt May in favor of Venom. All of the figure details are quite good. The playset is large enough for all of the figures to occupy their own space. I did not feel like the set had to be necessarily crowded with the figures. There are ample connection points for figures and the play features are hit and miss as far as originality. I just do not think a lot of them add to the set at all. The catapult could have been left off. The net feature has been done before. The breakaway walls are the same on either side of bridge tower. It would have been nice if most of these features had been left off. The stickers are a crying shame. I left of most of 80% of them in fact. I put the year stickers on the tower and the road sign direction stickers. The battle damaged stickers, graffiti stickers, and even taxi cab stickers took away from the natural aesthetics. The single person taxi looks much better as a single person yellow car with no stickers. The roadway looks much better without the battle damage. The graffiti art was too big and unnecessary for bridge supports. I enjoyed the bridge build and wish as much thought about structure integrity went into the bridge supports as the bridge platform. I understand the supports were open for play features, but this does little to justify how much weight is actually sitting on them. You would have to be a very small child with tiny hands to utilize such play features anyway. I would have been much happier with solid supports and two bridge towers with play features. I bought this set primarily as a display piece. I figure Marvel and DC can take turns as I look forward to setting up a Batman battle on this bridge in the future. Thanks so much to Lego for giving us a bridge playset...I'm hoping we will get another one down the line with needed improvements.
    Date published: 2016-08-23
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from 76057 Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle contains 1092 pieces, which makes it the second largest readily available Marvel Super Heroes set right after The SHIELD Helicarrier (76042), if I've got my numbers right. The bricks and pieces are in numbered bags (from 1 to 7), and, to my surprise, there are two bags numbered 3. The thick 172-page instruction booklet is wrapped in plastic, along with a sticker sheet for 21 stickers, and a 12-page comic book depicting characters and events from three Lego sets (76057, 76058, and 76059). There are also two black 8 x 16 flats tiles loose inside the box. There are seven minifigures included in this set, Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Scarlet Spider, Green Goblin, Scorpion, Kraven the Hunter and Aunt May. Six of the seven minifigures are (so far) unique to this set, Spider-Man is the only common one. Aunt May and Green Goblin have appeared in other sets before, but the figures in this set differ from those published before. All minifigure torsos have dual sided printing, Scarlet Spider has printing even on his arms. Dual sided heads are more rare: there is one for Kraven the Hunter, Green Goblin, Aunt May, and, technically, Spider-Man (whose head has only spider web printing on the back while the other three have actual alternate facial expressions). Leg prints are even more scarce: only Kraven the Hunter and Green Goblin have them. Building this set piqued my interest so much that I had to do an internet search on the characters. I have to say they are depicted quite accurately, especially Kraven the Hunter, who is also my favorite minifigure in this set. While there is an abundance of pieces in this set, rare ones are hard to find. If I'm not mistaken, the dark grey 1x3x1 wall element is completely new and this is the first set it appears in. Green Goblin's 'bag of tricks' is a recolor and currently this is the only set to have the bag in purple/medium lilac, and his flaming pumpkin bomb is also a new part. An interesting side note on the bomb is that it is one piece: the flames are glued to the pumpkin. Other rarish parts include Spider-Man's conical web and the transparent piece it attaches to. The build is not extraordinarily difficult, but it is a rather long and pleasant one. I built the set in one evening, but in retrospect it might have been better to enjoy the build a little longer. There is some repetition in the build, but it did not bother me at all, because the rest of the build was so exciting. The most difficult part of the build for me personally were the stickers, although using tweezers made the task a lot easier. I did make a few mistakes during the build. The very start of the build when upside-down building is needed was probably the stage where I made most of my mistakes. The flag on top of the bridge was where I ran into another snag, and ended up attaching the net releasing mechanism to the top of the bridge incorrectly. I also had to peel off the road number sticker with '25' printed on it and I'm glad to say it didn't rip or lose its glue, so the stickers are of good quality: they can be peeled off and attached again at least once. The completed set is not only delightful to look at (the color scheme of grays, black and dark red is a pleasing combination), but also very sturdy and it can be lifted as one piece. However, as the gray slopes at the sides of the vertical supports are easily dislodged, so I would strongly suggest not using those to get a good grip on the bridge. The set has an abundance of interesting play features, such as traffic lights and a falling net along with crumbling walls, and is full of neat details, some of which are hidden. My personal favorites are probably the opening railing for the taxi to crash through and the camera in Spider-Man's web prison. I think the stickers under the bridge are spot on, because those kind of secluded places are often full of graffitis. I also really liked the way the suspension cables are built and their looks. While I enjoyed the build and the looks of this set very much, I do have my dislikes, too: 1) I don't like the trash can catapult that much, on my first try I managed to launch the trash can into the green road sign. 2) Kraven's lair is very cramped to the point where it can become unusable. 3) The police quad bike is a bit awkward addition as there is no police officers included in the set. 4) The trapdoor is a bit tricky to use, it desperately needs some flat tiles on top so that one can stand a villain on it. 5) I had some difficulties getting the white net inside its hidey-hole, it tends to stick out rather messily but when neatly folded it fits better. 6) The Scorpion minifigure is unstable on his feet and tends to fall on his back due to the heavy scorpion tail he has and the tail is fixed (some sort of mobility would've been great). 7) The yellow taxi has room for only one minifigure and there's no taxi driver included. 8) The bridge is somewhat narrow (10 studs), it would definitely be better were it another 2 to 4 studs wider. But then again, maybe it's a one-lane bridge. 9) Some of the stickers should have been replaced by printed tiles. 10) Green Goblin's glider is difficult to hold on to, which affects its swooshability. :) In my opinion, Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle is a fantastic set, which undoubtedly offers hours and hours of entertainment for children and adults alike. If entertainment is not in demand, the set also makes an unbelievably good-looking display piece or an excellent addition to one's Lego City.
    Date published: 2016-09-09
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from The Best Spider-Man Set Thus Far! When I first saw this set, I knew immediately that I would buy it sooner or later. Sure enough, it's now part of my collection, and I absolutely love it! First, the minifigures, which were actually half the reason I bought the set. There's Spider-Man, which . . . well, you don't need an explanation there! My favorite is the Scorpion, who is a great Spider-Man villain and received his unique stinger piece. Green Goblin was already included in the Spider-Man Hideout set from the Lego Juniors line, but he isn't as detailed as the minifig in this set (i.e. the arm scales, the more Green Goblin-ish face, and the mauve clothing). His pumpkin bomb and his glider are better than the Juniors versions, too. Kraven's fur collar is also a neat piece that I'd like to see on more minifigures. Aunt May, Scarlet Spider, and Spider-Girl, while they're not entirely displeasing, are still the least satisfying minifigures for me. I would have appreciated it if Lego designed different heads for the two extra Spiders. Now, for the rest of the set. The bridge is built so that it won't easily break apart, although you should still handle it carefully. My favorite function is pressing down the flag (I love its Green Goblin sticker) to drop the web net, which just goes to show how creative Lego is with the interactive portions of their sets. On that note, the web blast and the web net elements, which are new, add a large amount of play value. Opening the roadway and positioning the taxicab so that it almost falls off definitely makes for a fun display. It's also easy to set up scenes by attaching the web ropes to the studs on the bridge's outer walls. The two spaces tucked underneath the bridge, the exploding pillars, the signpost, the detachable suspension cables, and the trapdoor are all wonderful details to make you play with this even more. Not only that, but there's a black piece on one side of the bridge near the top edge, where you can attach a minifigure to it (Spider-Man, presumably) through its legs, stick its web rope to a stud, and push it off the black piece to let it swing. Sometimes, the minifigure falls off, and other times it doesn't. Still, it's a detail that I can give a nod of approval to. However, I don't particularly care for the trash can catapult, since the signpost blocks the trash can itself unless the signpost is separated in half. So, there it is. The minifigures are well-designed except for Aunt May, Scarlet Spider, and Spider-Girl; I like everything about the bridge except for the catapult. Overall, it's a superb Spider-Man set to add to your collection.
    Date published: 2017-05-05
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