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LEGO SUPER HEROES Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055 - LEGO - Toys"R"Us
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  • LEGO SUPER HEROES Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055 - LEGO - Toys"R"Us
  • LEGO SUPER HEROES Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055 - LEGO - Toys"R"Us

LEGO SUPER HEROES Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055


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  • Our Recommended Age: 8 - 14 years (details)
  • Manufacturer's Age:  8 - 14 years
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    Roll the Bat-Tank into action and fire the 6-stud shooter against Killer Croc's Battle Chomper. Drop bombs from the tank or deploy the ram weapon to crush Batman's enemies. Maneuver the motorbike out of reach of the Battle Chomper's movable tail and chomping teeth, and dodge the vehicle's flying boomerangs. Includes 4 minifigures.

      LEGO SUPER HEROES Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055 features:
    • Features Batman's Bat-Tank, Killer Croc's Battle Chomper and Red Hood's motorbike.
    • Bat-Tank features a deployable ram weapon, an opening minifigure cockpit, 6-stud shooter and rolling track wheels.
    • Killer Croc's Battle Chomper features the detachable Killer Croc big figure, movable jaws and tail, and a lookout tower for Captain Boomerang with a boomerang shooter.
    • Also includes a comic book!
    • Bat-Tank measures over 3" (9cm) high, 11" (29cm) long and 6" (17cm) wide.

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    LEGO SUPER HEROES Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash 76055 is rated 4.6 out of 5 by 29.
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Tank! Cool Croc! Well-designed Legos This is an amazing set and the most surprising aspect is that I found big bat mobiles can be on top of each other... here in my photo you can see 76013/76046/76055 are happily/stably together... where I was trying to save some space haha... too many sets and too little space... here is one of my two shelf spaces where all bat mobiles and a brick bank are displayed together together with some of the justice league members...
    Date published: 2016-09-26
    Rated 2 out of 5 by from Suicide Squad figures?! Lego Batman is awesome! With Suicide Squad coming out shortly after the release of the sets, it seems like Lego is subtly releasing Suicide Squad minifigures: Two-colored hair Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and now, Katana, Killer Croc, and Captain Boomerang. Let's see how well the set does! Minifigures: Katana: Fantastic, love the printing and dual-moulded legs, great figure altogether. Batman: Lol, another normal Batman. Looks so-so but I like the dual-moulded legs depicting boots. Silver batarangs are nice. Captain Boomerang: General Hux changed universe! While both share the same head, I find it looks better on Captain Boomerang. Love the new boomerang piece! Red Hood: Average figure, but it's always great to have new exclusive figures. Killer Croc: Excellent bigfig, though if you want to make a Lego Suicide Squad, he's the wrong scale. Use Cragger's head. Builds: Red Hood's motorbike: Kind of filler, but fits Red Hood and gives him a vehicle. Killer Croc's chomper: Okay, so what exactly is a chomper??? The chomping function works well but leaves many Technic pieces exposed. Captain Boomerang's balcony-thingy looks horribly out of place, and the price could justify a small, seperate vehicle for Captain Boomerang. The blue color scheme totally does not match with the chomper's olive green scheme. Bat-Tank: One of the better builds in the set, but that does not mean it's great. The ramming mechanism is lame in my opinion, and the rapid stud shooter itself has to be turned by hand. I would have preferred a long axle to the back of the tank to turn the shooter instead of the ramming mechanism. The bag where the treads are built is so tedious and boring! So... Build: 7/20 Play experience: 3/20 Minifigures: 18/20 Price: 13/20 Collectibility: 11/20 TOTAL: 52/100
    Date published: 2016-08-16
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic, if too quick, build This was a fantastic set to build, and the resulting model looks great. I will review the relevant bits of the set in three sections. 1.) Minifigures: What's to say? The minifigures are keen. The only disappointment is that we get yet another standard-issue Batman. I am probably spoiled by the fact that I just completed "Harvest of Fear", which came with a great Batman figure. The other minifigures are great. Red Hood is a welcome addition, and the new bike chassis was a pleasant surprise. Killer Croc is killer (and finally has his well-deserved big fig -- do Bane next!), Captain Boomerang is bangin', and Katana is a cut above. Great figures all around, especially if you (like me) are a DC fan. 2.) The Croc-Mobile: This is the only part of the set that I was not a huge fan of. The Croc-Mobile has some neat play features (the jaws chomp as you roll it), but, honestly, it's kind of dippy looking and doesn't really match the aesthetic of the rest of the theme. It just doesn't make a ton of sense for Killer Croc to be riding around on this...whatever it is. I would have been happier if the set came with another civilian (again, like Harvest of Fear and its farmer) -- a GCPD car and officer would have been a welcome addition, or an ARGUS soldier and jeep, or whatever. The Croc-Mobile was Mind you, that's from a grown-up comics fan's perspective -- while my kids did not dig the Croc-Mobile, other kids probably will. 3.) The Bat-Tank: Whatever points I took off for the Croc-Mobile get heaped on, and then some, for the Bat-Tank. This thing is AMAZING. First of all, it's an incredibly fun build -- even though it's pretty elaborate and has a couple of geared play features, the whole thing just flew together. Even snapping the treads together was fun! And the resulting model is incredible -- it is huge and beefy, and very reminiscent of the Bat-Tank from Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns". The play features is that the front end kind of flips up into a battering ram, which is great. The tank looks phenomenal in either mode. And big ups for the cockpit design -- it has a small window with a flip-up, tank-style hatch. Really great. I don't know what made the build go so fast, but it took me less than two hours to build the tank. The color coding is very helpful, and the instructions are top notch, so it might just be an exceptionally well-designed set. I will warn that really young kids (for example, my son is 6 but likes to build the System sets) might have a tough time with this set -- there are a couple of tricky parts where whole sub-assemblies need to snap together, and building and mounting the treads requires careful attention to detail. In short, I don't think my son could build it unassisted. This is not a knock (at all -- I LOVE this set), but a fair warning. These two new DC sets are mind-blowingly great. Keep up the good work, LEGO!
    Date published: 2016-08-08
    Rated 4 out of 5 by from Very fun... I saw this set and I knew it was a good one. It has a great array of characters, plus Killer Croc is awesome!!! Batman's vehicle is cool, as always, and the whole thing is just plain awesome!!!
    Date published: 2016-07-01
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from Sewer Smash! But what sewer? Killer Croc Sewer Smash is a great set that not too many people would appreciate. In this set there are three new and exclusive minifigures to this set who are Red Hood, Captain Boomerang, and Katana. Along with a repeat of the Batman minifigure and a new Killer Croc big fig which is nice to get him as a big fig since we haven't got him since 2006. Included in this set for the builds are Red Hood's red motorcycle which is small and simple but fits the character perfectly. Killer Croc's Battle Chomper also fits him pretty well too since it is like a giant crocidilian mouth on wheels with a chomping feature as it rolls around, and it also has a small watchtower on the side for Captain Boomerang. The Bat-Tank fits Batman, but I feel that it is so large that it really takes up well more than half of the pieces used in this set so I wish that it could have been about a third smaller. Although it has great features such as the stud shooter up front along with the transforming feature to plow into Killer Croc, the "plow" is a little high although the function works perfectly. What I like about this set are definitely all of the characters included, Killer Croc's Battle Chomper, and Red Hood's Motorcycle. What I am kind of undecided about is just the Bat-Tank because of its massive size and I really wish that it would've been smaller. This set is perfect because it came out about the same time of the Suicide Squad film and the only character in this set that is not in that movie, if Red Hood. And thanks to the Gotham City Cycle Chase that came out earlier in 2016 there are two more characters of that movie so with these two sets you have most of the members of the Squad from the movie. Overall, this is a great set because of the minifigures and the builds, I would recommend that you pick this set up.
    Date published: 2017-01-28
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Must Have Wow! Lego really stepped up their game with this set. Not only does it come with three never before seen Lego figures, it also comes with the first killer croc since 2006. This one in my opinion, is even better than the Lego Batman Movie one. The batman is... just another Batman. Now, for the Bat-tank. SUPER AWESOME! The tread are cool, and the BAT-a-ram is also a neat idea. The overall design is really sleek looking. The only frustration is that the cockpit only seats one minifigure. I even had to make it bigger to seat the Lego Batman movie Batman, which is my favorite batman. Killer Croc's Vehicle is also cool with the chomping function. I detached Captian Boomerang's thingy and made it into a ATV thing, which makes Killer Croc's vehicle look even better. Overall a must have for any DC fan! I give it 6 out of 5 stars (or bricks).
    Date published: 2017-08-03
    Rated 3 out of 5 by from Killer Croc's Underwhelming Assault.. This DC comics/ Batman set pitches Red Hood's motorbike and the Bat-Tank against Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang's chomper vehicle. However, all is not well. Minifigures: Batman: 3/5 Katana: 4/5 Red Hood: 3.5/5 Captain Boomerang: 4/5 Killer Croc: 5/5 (unfortunately, this killer croc has been outshined by the Lego Batman Movie version) The vehicles: Red Hood's bike: 4/5 Very nice, you can't really go wrong with this new motorbike piece. Killer Croc's chomper: 4/5 Funnily enough, this is my favourite part of the set, probably because of how wacky it looks. If only Captain Boomerang's tower thing wasn't there, it looks very out of place. The Bat Tank: 3/5 It has quite a sleek design, and the battering ram is nice, but it takes up far too much of the set, the bulge where the ram is looks poor, and the back of the tank is messy with yellow and red bricks. Overall, this set is okay, but the Bat Tank should be much smaller and part of the set should actually consist of the sewer. This set could have been much better, but the overall execution and the price are really holding it back.
    Date published: 2017-04-03
    Rated 5 out of 5 by from suicide squad? i love this set in particular.the one flaw i saw was that cpt. boomerang had blue boomerangs not silver. Katana's head was grey not any normal head color.
    Date published: 2016-06-22
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